Monday, March 29, 2010

Oats-Cranberry-Pecans Cookies

Things are getting a bit boring around here, no? I'm puzzled why I don't make more than a simple bar or cookie these days. Well for one, I have been feeling under the weather these past two weeks. Also, it gets really hot in the kitchen because of the summer heat.

But what are you gonna do with all the ingredients in the pantry that need to be used asap? Make cookies! So oatmeal cookies are the order of the day.

I noticed that kids these days are not too fond of raisins. Why? I love them in anything...cereals, cookies, arroz a la cubana. Well my mom hated them too and so did my brothers. I guess I'm just different.

I used my go-to oatmeal raisin cookie recipe and just replaced the lowly raisins in the recipe with dried cranberries. They made the cookies a bit more sophisticated IMHO. The color of dried cranberries is great and the taste lends a mild tartness to the cookies. I also replaced the walnuts with toasted pecans. It offers a pleasant crunch to these chewy cookies. Try it for a change.


Anonymous said...

update update! :) nice photos!

Pink Apron said...

thanks, chiqui! very soon...promise!