Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pink Apron Beach Party Cake and Cupcakes on RM Boxes' Cupcake Tower Packaging

2009 saw the launch of a trend in cupcakes. Wedding cakes and birthday cakes were being replaced by dozens of cupcakes arranged like tiered cakes. It's a really practical evolution since cupcakes are a breeze to serve and can be made into party giveaways. Cake vendors were coming up with various ways to display theirs. There's metal. wood and glass towers being used. But how many towers do you have to invest in to serve all your clients? Thus the dawn of disposable cupcake towers.

Being ever consistent to answer to the demand, RM Boxes came up with a disposable cupcake tower kit. I was first approached by the owner Queenie Wong when they ordered a 2-dozen cupcakes tower for their booth at the Bakery Fair in World Trade Center. I was to display them in this disposable cupcake tower prototype the company is developing.

A few months later, I received another request for the same. This time, Queenie hinted that it's going to be used for a packaging photo shoot. That I should watch out for the launch. This got me really excited.

Months passed, I really wasn't expecting much. But one day, as I was visiting my favorite baking supply store Sweet Craft, I finally saw them on display. I was floored! Truly a proud moment for me.

Note: Cupcake Tower Kits are available in 3-tier and 5-tier varieties (silver, white or gold).