Sunday, March 29, 2009

Warm Fantans and My Other Weaknesses

Don't you just love taking a leisurely Sunday breakfast on a beautiful clear day? Paper in hand and coffee freshly brewed, a basket of warm fantans with some butter and jam completes the picture.

Now I'm not really the "up-before-dawn-making-bread" type. I'd rather buy bread these days than make them. I get mine frozen from Elsie's owned by the family of my longtime friend Elise Torrejon.

Thawed and heated in a warm oven, I love the crunchy top and soft center of this pleat-like roll. Steam comes out between the leaves as you take a fantan apart. A pat of butter melting on each piece is a sight to behold. And the taste; makes you utter, "This is the life!"

Ever the sugar pushover, I finish each roll with a sweet sweep of jam and my day is made. Now it's no secret anymore how the pounds creep in.

I just wish there were more days in the week like this and an unending supply of fantans.

Hint. Hint. *wink*

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