Saturday, March 21, 2009

Decorating cookies with marshmallow fondant

If you're in a hurry, decorating butter cookies with marshmallow fondant is a great time-saver. Drying time is a few hours, weather permitting, compared to a few days if you're using royal icing.

You also use one cutter for both cookie and fondant. Just attach the fondant with a little water or light corn syrup and you're set.

For additional embellishments, you can decorate some more with royal icing, dragees or petal dust.

For the butter cookie and royal icing recipes, look here.

You can make marshmallow fondant by following the recipe here.

There's one caveat though. Cookies decorated with fondant do not keep very long. The colors fade easily with light. So if you're planning to use fondant for cookies, make sure not to decorate cookies too much in advance. A couple of days lead time should be fine.

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