Friday, March 16, 2012

Baking Basics: How To Properly Measure Flour

Some of my friends ask me why the results they get from my recipes are not the same as mine. So I try to go through each step with them to figure it out. Sometimes results vary because we have different ovens. Other times it is caused by different egg sizes. But more often than not, it differs in the way we measure flour.

Of course I would say that for the purpose of accuracy it is recommended that you weigh the flour you are going to use. But not everyone has a kitchen scale at home. So knowing how to measure is the next logical thing. And I'm going to teach you how.

Here are some tips on properly measuring flour:

  1. If your flour is in a bag or big tub, try to loosen it up a little before measuring.
  2. Never dip your measuring cup into the bag.
  3. And never tap the measuring cup as you fill it with flour.
  4. With a big spoon, slowly fill your cup with flour (Remember, no tapping!). Try to make it overflow.
  5. Then, with a spatula or the back of a knife, run the blade across the cup to make it level.
Now you know how to properly measure flour.

Watch out for other posts about baking basics. Happy Baking!

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