Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm Still Here...

For a while there, I thought I would have to give up this blog.

For months and months I wasn't posting. Just drafts and drafts and even more drafts. I bake, sure, endlessly even over the holidays but I seldom got to photograph what I made.

No pictures equals no post. You see I had this notion that it's pointless for me to post when I don't even have a tiny picture to substantiate my labors. Why make this blog more boring than it actually is.

But I said to myself after the dust has settled that I am willing to go back and redo everything. I plan to bake or create again every post I did a draft on. This time I'm going to take the best photographs I can get with my limited free time and gear.

So gear up, friends, for I am once-again on a roll. Maybe not as maniacal as before but I'll try to do at least one post a week.

I hope you all are well and happily toiling away in your kitchens making people you care about satisfied with your baking adventures.

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